Data Scientist

Hilda Mwangi

I believe Data scientists have one goal and that is to solve business problems. It’s not about how technically difficult the challenge is, it’s not about how cool the solution is, or the tools that you’re using. It’s about whether you were able to solve the problems and show business value.

Professional Skills

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What skills or tools help you succeed as a data scientist?

As a data scientist, my role is to help businesses solve complex problems using my expertise, that being said having knowledge of statistical analysis helps me make sense out of data and drive insights. This normally involves having in-depth knowledge of statistical methods such as descriptive statistics and inferential statistics.

Advanced programming is also one of my core skills which involve working on algorithms based on machine learning and data analysis using languages like R and Python.

Cloud computing is a big part of data science, I’m well versed and certified with cloud platforms such as Azure, amazon web services to name a few.

The key big data tools I use for analysis and visualization are Tableau and Power BI.